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Webb Engineering


Meteor House, Culmhead Business Centre, Culmhead, Taunton Somerset , UK, TA3 7DY    Tel / Fax 01823 601602

Latest projects

Paper making machinery


To the left are the component parts of a pneumatically operated chuck used on a paper rewinding machine

P1030700 P1030701 P1030661 P1030667 P1030669

Paper making machinery


To the right are a selection of components used on a paper rewinder.

Motor sport parts


On the left is a suspension adjuster link used on a competition hillclimb motorcycle manufactured in HE30 grade aluminium on my Proturn 3000 CNC milling machine

Special purpose machinery


On the right is a machine used to spread anti corrosion coating on to the product as it moves along the roller track conveyor.

Aluminium welding


To the left, end plugs have been welded into aluminium rollers.  The rollers are 2.5m long and 150mm in diameter.