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Webb Engineering


Meteor House, Culmhead Business Centre, Culmhead, Taunton Somerset , UK, TA3 7DY    Tel / Fax 01823 601602

Illustraded here are a pair of  spring pads for the tender of a steam locomotive. Each one sits on top of an axlebox and transfers the weight of the tender from the spring to the axlebox.

In this case my customer decided that it was not worth making patterns and having castings done as only 2 of these were required, so I was required to machine them from solid cast iron blocks.

Tender spring pad Tender spring pads Machining spring pad Milling spring pad P1030584 P1030581

Steam engine parts

Camera slide Camera slide Camera slide

Boring out the top hemisphere on the XYZ Proturn 410 lathe.

Profiling the top on the XYZ Prototrak 3000 milling machine

A completed tender spring pad

A pair of spring pads

Gearbox coupling

This is a heavyweight gearbox coupling and associated parts that will be used in a local quarry.

This is an example of the type of work that I do for a local film company.  It is a slide used for accurite positioning of a camera doing macro work. It is made in black anodised aluminium, runs on PTFE guides and is driven by a hand operated rack and pinion.

Photographic equipment