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Repair work to a Great Western railway pump trolley

Wheel rim Welding completed Wheels Finished job Pump trolley2

As a jobbing engineer I often have to do work on unusual vehicles. The pump trolley shown here is owned by a local railway preservation society and is used for charity and fundraising events. The trolley was built by the Great Western railway for track maintainance work and dates back to the 1870's.

Over the years the trolley has clocked up many miles and recently a series of fatigue cracks started to appear on the rim of one of the wheels, my job was to repair them.

The wheels are made from a light steel pressing about 3 mm thick. The shape of the wheel allows old grease  to collect under the rim and before I could do any welding work I had to get rid of it, which was done by burning it out with the oxy acetelene torch.

The photo to the left gives an idea of the problem. Some of the cracks have been ground out and repaired but others are opening up as the welding proceeds, in fact a piece of the rim has fallen out and the remains of the burnt grease can be seen underneath.

To the right I have completed the welding and the rim is now proprely attached to the spokes.

To the left the welds hvae been ground off and polished up with a sander. After refreshing the paint the wheel will be as good as new and ready for many more years of service.