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Webb Engineering


Meteor House, Culmhead Business Centre, Culmhead, Taunton Somerset , UK, TA3 7DY    Tel / Fax 01823 601602


A few more examples of my work

PA270092 P1010185 P1020017

To the left is a worm driven gearbox of my own design that is capable of independant manual or powered drive. It fits into a metal sample stress testing machine that is normally CNC controlled but has to have the capability of manual adjustment in the event of a power failure.

To the right, a straightforward turning job for my Proturn 410 CNC lathe.

My customer brought an ancient and very worn out pulley in to me and wanted me to do a replacement as original spares were no longer available. Of course as his machine was not working the replacement pulley had to be made ASAP.

Test equipment

Special purpose gearboxes

Rapid turnaround

To the left is a device for testing small components at high temperatures.

The probes are made from stainless steel with Macor ceramic insulators.

Profiled rollers

A batch of profiled rollers ready to go for nitride hardening

Small batch work