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Webb Engineering


Meteor House, Culmhead Business Centre, Culmhead, Taunton Somerset , UK, TA3 7DY    Tel / Fax 01823 601602


The picture to the left is a motorised assembly jig I designed and built for a local client.  The construction  uses flame cut profiles with hollow section and channel and is driven by a braked heli worm motorised gearbox.



A few examples of what I do professionally


The picture to the left shows the tooling I designed and built for an automatic metal spinning lathe. The top flange is spring loaded and is pushed forward by a pair of pneumatic cylinders at the end of the spinning operation to eject the finished work


The picture to the right shows a pair of pivoting machine slides that will be fitted to a paper winding machine as replacement parts. The origional arms were made in cast iron but the patterns for them  were lost long ago. These replacements were made by welding up steel profiles, bar and plate and then machining them to match the originals. The slides will be fitted with easily exchangable wear pads.

Special purpose tooling

Spares for old machines

Jigs and fixtures